Topjet Distalizer

The TopJet is a unique molar distalizer as it can be inserted easily chairside with absolut no laboratory step. If used unilaterally only one orthodontic miniimplant (OMI) is necessary to anchor it. Insertion time usually is around 10 minutes including the placement of the OMIs.
With 250 cN or 350 cN the handler has two strength sizes available and the TopJet clix is also available as a special model in a longer length of more than 8 mm.
With full spring tension the smallest installation distance between mini anchor screw and trans-palatal arch is 14 mm, with the largest being 28 mm. With 0.8 mm/month a molar can be distalised by up to 15 mm using TopJet clix.



RMO TopJet Distalizer Full Animation