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Siège de RMO® Inc. - Denver, CO
RMO® Headquarters – Denver, CO

The Rocky Mountain® Orthodontics (RMO effort began around 1930. Since then, the company has made dramatic advances in the science of orthodontics, establishing itself as one of the leaders of a rapidly evolving field – a field that down through the decades has made people’s lives better. Since its formal incorporation in 1933 as Rocky Mountain Metal Products, RMO® has been known as a company of energy and ideas – traits that remain at the core of the company’s philosophy today.

RMO is much more than a business and model of excellence among Colorado corporations. The company is the oldest privately held orthodontic firm in the United States, and is a Denver institution whose company history is inextricably linked with the history of Denver and orthodontics itself.

Institution and Determination

Before the advent of chrome alloy (stainless steel) and prior to the founding of RMO, orthodontists had to be skilled craftsmen as well as doctors. In fact, much of their time was spent devising, constructing, and maintaining their own oral appliances. Because those appliances were typically fabricated from gold alloy, which tended to loosen in a short period of time, a large part of an orthodontist’s work was dedicated to repairing and adjusting the appliances after they had been put into use.
The orthodontist’s job demanded mechanical skill, diligence, and even artistry. And yet, for all of the effort involved, the occupation was often less than rewarding. Even the best orthodontic appliances of the day were woefully limited in their effectiveness.

All that changed with the development of versatile stainless steel alloys, coupled with the ingenuity and foresight of RMO‘s founder, Dr. Archie Brusse, a pioneer Denver orthodontist. With a small but capable staff, and with help from an executive at the American Steel and Wire Company, RMO set about developing the first set of prefabricated orthodontic appliance options. After much clinical research and experimentation, the first system of options was unveiled in 1933 at the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists. Reception was negative. Most recognized leaders of that day said it wouldn’t work.

In time, the impact of these prefabricated devices on the world of orthodontics was dramatic. Simply put, they changed the face of dentistry. The wide variety of appliance shapes and sizes supplied by RMO® enabled orthodontists to treat a diverse array of patients more effectively.

“What was developed was a way of putting things together that provided more effective and creative options for doctors,” says Martin Brusse, RMO® Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and son of the company’s founder. “The orthodontist could employ a greater variety of different techniques through more individualized diagnosis and treatment. Patients would benefit.”

Dr. Archie Brusse & Martin Brusse

These developments coincided with a period of significant progress in the science of bone biology and tooth movement, which was particularly beneficial to both RMO® and the field of orthodontics overall. New studies were revealing the long-term ineffectiveness of oral appliances that exceeded certain thresholds of pressure in moving teeth and resetting bites. Thus, a new mantra in orthodontics – “delicacy and strength” – was born. These two qualities perfectly characterized light, clean, versatile RMO® appliance options.

Tony Zakhem & Jody Hardy

Not only did Archie Brusse and his small staff turn a fledgling depression-time start-up business into a multimillion-dollar industry bellwether, but they also helped attract dentists to the practice of orthodontics by vastly improving the quality and diversity of tools available to them. By extension, RMO® has made invaluable contributions that have improved the oral health and self-image of countless satisfied patients.Mr. Martin Brusse, the founder’s son, leads the compagny until his death in 2009. Permanently seeking for new guidance’s, he made RMO® one of the leader in our business sector and successfully led it towards the 21th century.His succession is guaranteed by his close collaborators and new owners Tony Zakhem and Jody Hardy.





On October 20th 2020 Rocky Mountain Orthodontics owners Jody Hardy and Tony Zakhem agreed to sell their RMO global assets to the managing partnership of new owners Michael Jahns and Brandon Bernacchi. 


Both are committed to evolve RMO with a renewed focus toward excellence in product quality and customer service. They are grateful for the opportunity to earn all customers continued support to re-establish RMO as a world-class leader in the global orthodontic industry.

RMO® today maintains subsidiaries based in Strasbourg for all European activities.

Since 2007 RMO Europe has implemented a complete ERP system: Microsoft Dynamics Nav.

In May 2010 after nearly 40 years in the group, Mr. Lyn E. Turner retired from work well deserved.

Since 2010, Marc Mayer has been President of RMO®Europe and has been part of the RMO® family for 30 years. Marc was involved in all aspects of the company’s decisions.

Marc Mayer

President RMO® Europe

“RMO believed in Europe and invested to create RMO Europe.
Today, when the world is getting so small, both companies work together more than ever to contribute to the orthodontic profession.”

  • In 2011, RMO Europe adopted a new logo and new slogan.
  • In 2013, a new website for RMO Europe went online.
  • At the end of 2014, RMO Europe offered, exclusively in France, the German system of aligning Orthocaps GmbH, developed by Dr Wajeeh Khan.
  • July 2016: RMO Europe has been present in France for 50 years!
  • 20th October 2020 : The ownership of RMO Europe is now held by Michael Jahns ans Brandon Bernacchi.
  • December 2020 : New version of the website !
  • March 2021: RMO Europe launches its online store, thus completing the digitalization of the company
  • October 2021: Factory relocated to Indiana
RMO® Europe Headquarters – Strasbourg, France