Alpine SL®


New : Tri-morphic prescription available!

It’s all about precision, speed and control with the fully interactive metal Alpine SL® bracket.
The Nickel Titanium spring delivers continuous and consistent forces without the risk of deformation during the entire length of treatment.

MATERIAL: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
BASE: 316L Stainless Steel, 80-gauge Mesh
PRESCRIPTIONS: Roth, MBT, Bioprogressive, Tri-morphic Brachy-facial, Tri-morphic Meso-facial and Tri-morphic Dolicho-facial
SLOT SIZE: .018 & .022

  • NiTi Spring Clip : Shape memory alloy ensures reliable clip operation and control for entire treatment
  • Easy Open and Close Function : No special tool is required to open; Closes gingivally with slight pressure using figure on the incisal curve or using instrument
  • Full Slot Width : Clip offers full slot coverage allowing for optimal rotational control
  • Smooth Low-Profile Surface : Smooth surface finish offers exceptional patient comfort
  • Tie Wings : Ample undercuts allow for optional ligation with chains and ties
  • Ink Mark and Palmer Notation : Easy bracket identification
  • Contoured Base : Anatomical tooth fitment and greater tooth control
  • 80-Gauge Foil Mesh Base : Increased locking action