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    Fully interactive metal self-ligating bracket, with Nickel-Titanium spring clip

    The dynamic interaction between the ligatingmechanism and the archwire enables the precisedegree of control needed for each phase oftreatment.

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RMO FLI™ Series TUBES deliver superior performance in an extremely small package. With Metal-Injection-Molded (MIM) construction for smooth comfortable contours,the ultra-low profile design features enhanced mesial openings that make wire insertion a snap.

Combined with RMO®’s anatomical mesh bases, the FLI Series is ideal for both direct
bond and molar band applications.TUBE-FLI A08730
  • Enhanced opening simplifies wire insertion
  • Anatomical notch provides optimum orientation and positioning
  • Color recess for simple quadrant identification
  • Instrument notches for secure grip and easy positioning
  • Expanded exit port reduces friction and wire impingement