Flex Developer 2.0


The Flex Developer (FD) is a highly efficient class-IIcorrector that achieves tooth movement as well as triggers mandibular growth. Therapeutic force values remain constant even after millions of bending cycles, allowing for class-II-correction in the shortest possible time. An additional indication is mandibular space-closure, especially following extraction or due to congenitally missing teeth. 

If desired, distalization of maxillary teeth is also possible.Operators love the Flex Developer due to its robustnessand fracture resistance. In addition to moving teeth dentally, the device also hasa functional effect. This stimulates the patient to position the mandible forward and induces Herbst-like mandibular growth. Biting in centric occlusion remains possible due to the device’s exceptional flexibility. 


Fiche-Produit FlexDeveloper vEN

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