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The SWLF® System uses the Synergy® bracket, a popular and proven low friction bracket. It’s innovative design allows for individual and selective control over friction, anchorage and tooth movement, as well as a drastic reduction in the number of wires used compared to traditional Straight Wire brackets.

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New super-elastic arch wires have been developed for the SWLF® System. The superelastic properties of the SWLF® wires make it possible to apply light, continuous forces over longer periods of time. Extractions are reduced and tooth movement is improved by stimulating alveolar bone growth.


Heat-activated Thermaloy® NiTi wire is capable of generating light, continuous forces necessary to effectively manage the beginning stages of treatment. For finishing and detailing, Bendaloy® , a combination of nickel-titanium (shape memory) with the benefits of traditional stainless steel (shape modification). This new molybdenum alloy contains no nickel and acts as a great finishing wire.



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Auxiliary products have been developed for the SWLF® System. Low friction ligatures make tooth movement more effective in the initial stages of treatment. Energy Chain™ elastic chain and modules generate continuous forces thoughout treatment. Special crimpable hooks designed specifically for the SWLF® System convert rectangular wires into distalizing wires or space closing wires. The hooks are easily placed on the archwire with a plier and minimize archwire inventory for increased versatility.










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