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Synergy enables orthodontic wires to reach their full potential. The wire needs to slide smoothly through the brackets during alignment in order to reach its full biomechanical potential. Friction is the greatest inhibitor of tooth movement. Friction can reduce the effectiveness of braces by 70% and it can even prevent certain movements.

The Synergy bracket, enables the new generation of super-elastic wires Thermaloy® (heat-activated) and Bendaloy®  (bendable titanium-molybdenum) to express their full potential.

Super-elastic wire has been one of the greatest advances in orthodontics in the last ten years - allowing light and consistent force for a long period of time. Super-elasticity improves tooth movement by encouraging alveolar bone growth. Super-elastic and thermoelastic wires simplify biomechanics and permit 6-8 week patient visits.

Synergy is the only bracket that has selective friction control, tooth-by-tooth, over the entire course of treatment. Synergy controls the amount of low friction during alignment and uses friction for control during the finishing stages. 

Synergy brackets, when combined with Thermaloy and Bendaloy super-elastic wires, make a dynamic synergistic effect!


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