RMO is pleased to announce the new SWLF (Straight Wire Low Friction) Synergy R™ bracket line.
The SWLF Synergy R™ is a combination of our popular selling Synergy® Bracket with our patented
convertible tube technology. Convertible MIM caps are provided on the cuspid and bicuspid brackets.
Anterior brackets are provided with the traditional (no cap) Synergy design for patients to choose their
favorite color ligature. All brackets are brazed onto mesh base which provides superior and reliable bond strength.

BracketSYNERGYR tous





SWLF Synergy R™ provides many advantages over self ligating brackets currently on the market:

  • No moving parts-no clips, doors or slides
  • Flared lead-ins reduces the frictional drag on the wire
  • Low profile for patient comfort
  • Cap removal provides all of the Synergy ligating options
  • Fully passive or total control when needed

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