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Now enjoy all the benefits of the Liberty Bielle® for fixe appliances.


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The Liberty Bielle® was created as an alternative for mandibular advancement devices available on the market. The vertical axis associated with the ball pivot allows compactness and lateral movement.

The carving from the bloc allows miniaturization, comfort and reliability.

Now available, Liberty Bielle® FixTM can easily be integrated into your treatment plans.

Liberty Bielle® FixTM benefits:

  • Lateral movement possible, more than needed,Quality workmanship,
  • Easy installation (only two screws to tighten on the archwire),
  • No need for any auxiliary tube,
  • No bracket contact (no debonding risk),
  • Location choice on the arch (between 6&7 or 5&6 for upper),
  • Forces distribution on the entire arch (can be used with NiTi arches),
  • No cuspid rotations risk,
  • High Quality/Price level.

Liberty Bielle ® FixTM Assembly :

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