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Introducing a new polymer coated archwire system offered in both solid stainless steel and superelastic nickel-titanium. The aesthetic tooth coating is applied to the labial surface of the archwire to maintain optimum slide mechanics while providing a natural cosmetic appearance ideally suited with RMO’s wide variety of clear and ceramic brackets.  RMO’s FLI® Wire has been specially designed to be highly durable and flake resistant throughout treatment while maintaining expected force values and optimum performance.

Available Sizes in Natural Shape:
Round       Square / Rectangular*
.014           .016 x .016
.016           .016 x .022
.018           .017 x .025
                   .019 x .025

* Stainless Steel offered in square / rectangular only



 FliWire tableau

SMILE 2Material:
PTFE –Polytetrafluoroethylene (i.e. Teflon)
A medical grade non-reactive, non-corrosive, low friction coating
Coating Thickness:    .001”-.003” (labial surface only)

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